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The EOMETRIC Clapper - Tailor's pressing block for Ironing

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Perfect for flattening open seams and for ironing/steaming super crisp seams or pleats.

  • The hardwood tailor's clapper is a must for anyone that irons with steam. The wood traps the heat of the steam into the fabric, and the result is a much cleaner and crisper line. Additional pressure on the clapper gives the results of a steam press!
  • perfect for opening and flattening seams without marking the fabric - straight or curved. And without burning your Teflon fingers!
  • great for refreshing sharp seams and pleats on finished garments.
  • Dimensions: 24 cm x 7 cm x 3.5cm
  • Made in Spain using European FSC Beech hardwood

A note on use: Clappers are designed to be lifted slightly when moving to a new location to press. Test your fabric beforehand, and avoid using your clapper on super-delicate sheer fabrics. The clapper should only be 'glided' on fabrics that will not snag easily. Lift and Press, Lift and Press!

Care Instructions: your clapper is made of natural hardwood, so reacts to temperature and humidity. It will last for a lifetime with a bit of loving care. It is much sturdier than softwood, but is still wood! If you drop it and it gets a 'dent', just lightly sand it so that it does not catch on fabrics. If the grain of your clapper raises, all you need to do is lightly sand your clapper with very fine sandpaper. Clean off the excess dust with a microfibre cloth. if it still catches on your microfibre cloth, then you have not sanded it enough! During manufacture, the grain has been pre-raised with water, and then sanded, but as it is a natural product, consistency cannot be 100%. If you are extremely unlucky and your clapper was made from a tree that was unruly, let us know, and we will do what we can to remedy the problem. 


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